Link Data from Subreport results to Main report?!?!?!

Is it possible to link the results from a subreport to the main report? Basically I’m having a hard time with creating some semblance of a Table of Contents or Document map or way for the user to page thorugh a multi tab excel export easily. My thought was that I’d put a subreport in the report header with the Numbers that could be used as a link to the pages but I’m not sure if that is even possible. ANY AND ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!

There is an outstanding CR where you can add multiple reports together. When you do that it is suppose to add the name of the report as the page name in the navigagtion mapping. But unfortunately there is a bug and it only shows page numbers. That is the best way to accomplish. I will have to look to see if we cam get it done for this release. CR105053