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List Index out of Bounds error --- need to keep stored passwords

I keep getting this error:


2.1 Date : Thu, 23 Feb 2012 12:13:49 -0500
2.2 Address : 004353D9
2.3 Module Name : Toad.exe - (Toad for Oracle)
2.4 Module Version:
2.5 Type : EListError
2.6 Message : List index out of bounds (2).
2.7 ID : F9E6
2.8 Count : 1
2.9 Status : New
2.10 Note :

I backed up the toad.ini so the app wouldnt use it. However I lose the passwords when i go back in and I dont remember them so I had to put it back in. Is there any way to be able to keep them? I was able to files once with no errors when i removed the toad.ini but I need the passwords that are stored. I attached the Toad Call Stack. Thanks

ToadCallStack.txt (6.92 KB)