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Listing datafiles in db Navigator


Hi there !
Check things like in the subject. Expanding list of datafiles in each

tablespace returns no rows. I checked as dba,sys and anabling/disabling

“use DBA Views” option. Result still the same.

Is there any possibility to extend SqlNav DBA options,such as editing

tablespaces, parameters of instance etc. You can say, use TOAD, yes i Can

but i prefer sqlnav , it’s much friendly for me and for my cooperators.

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

It is very nice to hear that you love SQL Navigator. SQL Navigator is getting Better Because of You. It is denifitely our goals to include more features and functionalities to make the work flow easier for you and all our SQL Nav users. Our Dev team will definitely consult and discuss with our Product Manager, to consider and include your requests in future SQL Nav builds.

Thank you very much for your assistance upto date.