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Little mistake in script generation under Database > Security > Users with script option "Check for existence"

You should add type 'G' for "Windows Group" when script option "Check for existence" is ticked


Thank you for your suggest :slight_smile:

we find the type in sys,database_principals not only include “G”,but also include “A” ,“R”,

Do you think we should add all the types when script option"Check for existence"?

or we can also delete the script “And type In…”,if do that, the query will become fast.

Information :…/ms187328(v=sql.110).aspx (English)

Hi Cathy,

I’m not expert enough on SQL Server but i think type “R” only applies to security > roles and i don’t see any place for type “A”.

I think you should not delete the script, the “Drops” script option should do it but not the “check for existence” option


Hi Dam,

Thanks for your reply.

I have create TSS-289 for this issue.We will add type “G” in the script soon.