Loading a file into a varbinary(max) field in a grid doesn't work


I am using Toad

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I have an editor open with a script where one of the statements is: drop table schema.TableName. I highlighted schema.TableName and I pressed Shift+F4. Toad opened the table details on another tab - I set it that way.

  2. I went to the table details Data tab, I enabled the editing in the table and I selected the only row in the table. I clicked on the varbinary(max) field and Toad displayed a dropdown with several tabs: Image, Hex, Ascii, Utf-16, Utf8 and Pdf. The Image and Pdf tabs are disabled.

  3. With the Hex tab selected I clicked on the Open button (with the yellow icon), I selected a sql file, the open file dialog disappeared, then I clicked the button with the green check mark. The dropdown disappeared. I clicked the check mark icon in the grid bottom toolbar to save the row.

  4. In a different editor tab, I ran a query select * from schema.TableName where varbinaryMaxField is null and it returned the row I selected. This confirmed that toad didn’t load the file and it didn’t save anything in the varbinary(max) field.

Could you please fix this issue, in case it hasn’t already been fixed?