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Local Storage Connection Error [1 Attachment]


[ Attachment(s) from Tad Groves included below]

Click on down arrow of object explorer


Hi Tad,

Please provide the steps to reproduce the exception.

Thank you



Click on filter down arrow of object explorer.


Hi Tad,

I installed TDA Beta on my pc and connected to a local storage connection. I see
the database and click on the filter down button and selected export filters.
Save the file and done. However, I didn’t run into an exception.

Is Local Storage working fine for you with the exception of the filter drop down


Hi Tad,

Since it appears the error might be related to filtering, could you look under
your local settings directory - Toad for Data Analysts Beta 3.0 | Context | TYPE
and let me know if there are any files there? In particular any that start with
“Local.Storage…”. If you have any files under in any of the
subfolders under the Context directory, can you zip the entire directory so I
can try and reproduce the issue? Also did you migrate settings to the 3.0 Beta
from another release? Thanks.



There isn’t a “Context” folder.

I don’t remember migrating settings from another release. I uninstalled
other versions prior to installing this one.