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Locate in DB Navigator



  1. When using Locate in DB Navigator sometimes you do not get the Object location in DB Navigator due to the “in place” filter. I would suggest applying a custom filter there (with the object name) if the object is not in the Tree.

  2. It seems also that the “custom filter” in the DB Explorer is not copied/applied to the DB Navigator window and then we can get the problem described in 1)



Hi Filipe

  1. I’m not sure I understand what issue you have. Can you give me some more information or maybe a screenshot explaingin the issue?

2)That is correct, if you set a Filter in the DB Explorer it will not get applied to DB Navigtaor. You need to set it manually and you can even set 2 differemt filters if you want to. If I understand your comment correctly, the way we have it by design.


Hi Lidia

for instance: select an object in the db explorer and choose “other”->“locate in DB Navigator”

Have a filters in DB navigator in a way that the object selected is not in the tree.