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Locked external viewer


Greets guys,

I’m not sure if this is specific to my external application or to TDM or what, but here’s the haps.

I setup Notepad++ to be my external viewer for my generated SQL Code. I ran a script generation and then clicked the button to view the generated code and everything popped up just fine.

I then went to go back into TDM to do close the script generation window and do some other work and couldn’t get anywhere. Since Notepad++ is a tabbed environment, I thought simply closing that tab woudl fix things, but it didn’t. After I exited Notepad++ completely was I able to close the script generation window in TDM and continue on my business.

I don’t know what feature would work better, having TDM fork a new thread for the external application that isn’t dependent upon the parent or keep it the way it is. Notepad++ is great for detecting file changes, so in theory I could regenerate the SQL script multiple times and Notepad++ will prompt me each time to refresh the changes, but I don’t know how simpler text editors would handle it.

I tend to do a lot of “tweaking” with my data model, so leaving a generated code window open while I go back into things to make sure I have all the pieces in place is common for me, so having TDM not be dependent upon the external app for viewing the generated code helps a lot. But I may be in the minority.

I wanted to bring it to your attention and let you make the final call.

Keep up the great work!


Hi Dillie-O,

we will have to do more detailed tests with Notepad++. The application behaves differently than others. I have created a new CR for this - CR #36 549.

Thank you for reporting this problem, we will look into the matter.





problem solved. The next version should work fine with Notepad++. Thanks again for your feedback.




Talk about fast service! Great stuff! Thanks again!