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Locking For Access Teradata error

When running the query like the one below in beta with the .Net driver, I get the error “Teradata exception: [Teradata Database] [3778] SELECT statement must follow LOCK ROW modifier.” The query works fine in Teradata Studio.


This is a bug. Thank you for reporting it.
Unfortunately we don’t support the Locking modifier correctly.
I create the CR105781 to track the issue.

Will this issue be resolved in 3.5 or a later release? The locking modifier is still not working in the 3.5 beta. Thanks.

This is still not fixed in the latest beta -

Hello, Has this been fixed yet?? I have version

still getting the error : [Teradata Database] [3778] SELECT statement must follow LOCK ROW modifier.

will it actually lock the rows or is this just a false statement? It is very important I know this becasue they have a very large DB and I do not want to be locking records. THIS SHOULD BE A #1 PRIORITY FIX…if it is not fixed already.

TOAD/DELL support let me know ASAP please

Venutoa, this is now working correctly in the 3.7 beta. EXPLAIN is also working correctly in the latest beta.

ok thank you itlnstln. It would be preferable this gets out of beta very soon. as this is a VERY HIGH priority item…when you are working on teradata databases. this would be a deal killer for us in buying 10 licenses.

I don’t get the error when I run this command below on

locking table T1 for access

select top 100 * from T1

however locking for access an entire table would not be acceptable solution on very large tables 100’s of millions of records. I will have to upgrade to beta 3.7


for those you dont know this 3.7 beta is available here:

had little difficulty finding this link

The latest list of fixes and enhancements can be found in the Release Notes: