Login ALIAS field value copied - Enhancement Request

I like the Alias column on the login screen. However, there is a small enhancement that would be useful. If I click on existing login which has an alias and then I change the login ID to connect as a different user the alias name is not saved. I have to enter that again.

If you want to clone a connection do this:

  1. select the one you want
  2. Click the "Edit Login Record" button
  3. Change user or database, and click OK.
  4. A new login record will be created with all other settings copied.

Can it not be done automatically when I click on the log record and just change the user ID and click connect? The other information is saved that way.

The optional stuff (autoconnect, read-only, alias, favorite, custom fields) are not copied.

The things that are copied aren't really copied - they are just taken from the controls on the right (which are updated when you select a row in the grid)

I think what you are proposing would be handy when you want it to behave that way, but if you just go in there to make some new connection, you don't necessarily want it to copy whatever is selected on the left. In that case, it might be unwanted and unexpected.

BTW, with my suggestion - I forgot to mention, there is also a "connect" checkbox in the Edit Login Record dialog, so you could connect at the same time.