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Logon screen


In the initial logon screen, your last connection to the database is displayed (which is good). If you want logon to another instance, you have to type in the complete instance name (or use the dropdown and then start typing), and then you have to type in a portion of the username.

Two suggestions here:

  1. For the database instance, have the name autocomplete as you type (without having to click on the drop-down).

  2. After the instance is selected, go to the first saved username for that instance (or the last username used for that instance). The problem is that the username stays as it was for the other instance, and then you have to retype most of the username.

For instance, I have two instances - production & test, with one username for each - user_prod and user_test. I go into SQLNav and login to test with user_test, and then close SQLNav. Then I open SQLNav back up and want to go to production. I have to type in the whole word “production”, and after I tab to username, the username is still user_test. There isn’t even a user called user_test in production. Then I have to type in “user_p” before the correct user is displayed.

I know it’s not a whole lot of typing, but I open and close SQLNav and get into different instances all the time and I have to do this each time. I go in as the same user for each instance, and it would be easier if it would recall the username once the instance is selected.

Kind of a long-winded explaination, I hope you can understand it.



Hi Charlie,

Have you tried using the Project Manager to store the history of past connections. there is a preference to add connection details to the Project Manager, then if you want to reestablish the connection next time, just double click the Connect details in the PM and Nav will reconnect it for you (with user name saved and password saving as well as an option) without having the need to retype everything again. Hope that it would satisfy your needs…

With the auto complete, if you type the instance name then use the the down arrow key it would pick up the first entry that match the name…

Pls let us know if these would meet your needs, otherwise we can raise a request and will look into enhance the incremental search of the instance name for you, at the same time address issue 2 as well.

Thanks and regards,


Yes, the Project Manager is good. I didn’t use it before because it was a window that was always there taking up real estate on the screen. Now I see that you can un-pin it and it will auto-hide to the side. (I’m not sure when this functional was put into SQL Nav, but it’s good.) I will start using this instead of the logon screen from now on.

One comment on the Project Manager. The tooltip shows you information that you can already see - the username and instance. Maybe the tootip can be changed to something like the last login date/time?



Some words about auto hide window, of course you can add more tabs to this window (all sections from view menu), but before drag/drop you must pin it.
Nice and helpful improvement, but i noticed a little delay in activating sqlnav application (alt+tab) , when auto-hide window is enabled. Of course this is not a problem.

Regards Piter


Good point about the tooltips… they are next-to-useless
I’ll log an enhancement with your comments, and we’ll discuss how we can make them more usefull.