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LONG column display



I find that the preference “Display LONG columns” can be set to “Preview (below each row)” or “Full text (within cells)”, but the output still behaves as if this was set to “On demand (in pop-up editor)”.

BTW: does this setting affect only LONG columns, or are ©LOB columns included as well?


Just when we thought we have covered everything. Thanks, Dominique. I will raise a request. It would only work for LONG field.



Option “Full text (within cells)” is fixed in 1478, but the option “Preview (below each row)” is no longer there?


Hi Dominique,

In order to implement the Preview option, we have to make changes to the data grid component which is considered as a high-risk change. As a result, we decided to hide this option and only fix the Full text preference. The other option will be brought back later. Does it cause any big issue to you?




I normally use “Full text (within cells)” if I want to quickly see the contents of a LONG column (of several rows selected).
In day-to-day use, I select “On demand (in pop-up editor)” and I either write a TO_CHAR() in the select statement or double-click to see the contents of a specific LONG field.
The option “Preview (below each row)” is not necessary - if you’d remove it I wouldn’t really miss it.


Thanks for the feedbacks, Dominique.


Posted: Jun 29, 2009 1:21 AM

Burning some midnight oil?


I think it follows a different timezone than ours. It was around 530PM in Mel.