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Looping tests?


I’ve had QCTO 1.8.1 for a long time with lots of tests in a suite that usually takes about 30 minutes to run. As of a few days ago, I’ve encountered a problem where any unit test, no matter how simple, runs FOREVER. V$session just tells me it’s in the UT# generated PL/SQL code. I hadn’t touched the test definitions for weeks prior to this happening.

I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade to 2.5 since I’ve been planning to do that for a while. Due to an export bug in 1.8.1, I haven’t exported my suite in a long time. I upgraded the 1.8.1 repository to 2.5, but that didn’t fix the problem. Simple unit tests run forever and never complete.

I then exported just one test package and installed it in a fresh repository and ran it. Same problem.

I’m stumped and not sure how to move forward. In all other respects, the database ( on RHEL) is fine. This ‘infinite looping’ problem appears to be confined to QCTO, but happens regardless of what test I attempt to run.

If I install a fresh 2.5 repository, is there a way I can import my 1.8.1 *.qut file? Or do I have to upgrade the 1.8.1 repository to 2.5?


So you changed nothing in Code Tester, nothing in your own code, and suddenly things started to work very differently? Very strange!

I think that you should open a ticket with Support, so that the right resources can be applied.

But I would also do is start up Code Tester, turn on tracing (click on icon in top right corner, select Start Tracing), and then try to run a test. After you are sure it should be done, do whatever it is you do to stop it.

Then export the contents of the qu_log table, zip it up, and post it here. We may be able to see where CT is getting “stuck”.


The QCTO tracing helped me find the problem in MY code. :frowning:

Thanks for your help Steve.


That is good to hear!