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Losing focus in editor window when

I use format-sql frequently and whenever I do that, I will lose focus of the editor window. Very frustrating when one has to fall back to the mouse constantly when you are in an editor window.

Using version 1.2 Freeware.

When running a SQL statement, I also lose the focus of the editor window.

( I just realised I can set focus with shift+tab x 2, but should not be necessary)

Hello , olona
I can not reproduce the issue .
Did you press the button showed in picture which is named “Format SQL” or else?


I am using the keyboard shortcut.

I have binded a short-cut(Shift+A) to “Options–>Keyboard–>Editor–>Tools–>FormatCode”.But also can not reproduce the issue …
What short-cut have you binded??


Hey Dexter, I have bound it to “ctrl+alt+L”

When you format the code, the cursor / focus is still in the editor?

Btw, how can you bind it to “shift+a” - it will then format the code and add the letter A?

Hello, Olona.
It is working fine for me .
I bound the short-cut with the follow menu location “Tools -->Options --> Editor --> Tools --> Format Code”.
You should press"Shift+a" in the “Assign keybord shortcut” input field and click “Assign” button.

I have no problem binding the keys, that works perfectly. The problem is that the editor loses focus after I have used the “format code” shortcut. I did try assign the keyboard to “shift+a” and the result was the same.

  1. Code is formatted.
  2. Editor window loses focus

(and in the case of binding it to shift+a it will actually put the letter “a” at the end of the selected text)

Hello olona,

Are you still having this issue? If so, what version are you currently using?


Hey MichaelG,

I am running toad (freeware)

And unfortunately, the problem is still there.

Hello Olona,

I was able to reproduce this in both 1.2 and 1.3. I created CR 103,704 and hopefully we can fix it early in the 2.0 beta cycle.


Running Query: Beta version 1.3 seems to work fine for me. Focus is not lost.

Stil have problem with formatting code though.

We will look into fixing the loss of focus when formatting.