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Lost feature in SQL Navigator 5.x


I have SQLNav Standard Edition. Previous version allowed to see Oracle Error messages after double clicking on error number in the Output window. The current version is attempting to run Instant Messages for which I do not have license I think SQL Navigator must allow old error messaging for Standard edition users as it was available befor 5.1. It’s very annoying to realize that very useful feature disappeared as a result of upgrade. I can see that PLErrors.zlb is stil there so I assume that this is just the bug.




supportbundle.txt (4.18 KB)


Hi Vadim,

Thanks for joining the SQL Nav Inside Community!
This should work, so it indeed seems there may be a bug in the functionality after the upgrade.
We’ll have a closer look into it, and report back to you soon…
Stand by…



Hi Vadim,

It is very good to hear from you again .

Yes, this is a known issue. I believe you run the upgrade to 5.1, you have installed the Professional editon (by default) which KX is installed and SQL Nav checked and see found that KX is installed and Nav trying to launch it…We did not check for the license key…

The old error file functionalities is still part of Standard edition…It is not lost

You will need to uninstall KX. I will send you another note on how to uninstall KX, plus you will need to remove 2 registry keys. I will get this to you in the next 30 mins.

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Hi Vadim,
If you only have the Standard Nav key, you will need to remove/uninstall KnowledgeExpert, please do the following:

  • Run the Uninstall Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL, then
  • Remove 2 registry entries HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: ‘Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Revwin32.exe’ ; ‘Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\KXpert.exe’;
  • You can restart SQL Nav and you should get access to the old Error file.

I would suggest you try out the latest SQL Nav 5.5 Beta build 707. We have done a lot of work in 5.5.
I have attached a 30 days Trial XPert key for you:
Trial Version
It will be expired by COB 29 Sep 06.
Hope that you would consider upgrade your current copy of SQL Nav to ge more values for your investment.
Thanks and regards,


thanks it worked


Hi Vadim,

Thank you for the update. Glad that we have been able to help addressing this isssue for you .