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Lost Macro after Upgrading to TDM 5.3

I just upgraded to TDM from 5.2 to 5.3

After the upgrade the macro I built was no longer present.

Is there a way to recover the macro I had built in 5.2?

What file are the custom macros stored in?

Thanks, in advance.

Hello Doron,

Macros are stored in Packages. If you create your macros using the Script Explorer, the macros should be in My Package, which is the default user package. Open Package Explorer in the 5.2 version and see the Macros folder in the My Package. Are your macros there?


If so, there are basically two ways of how to use the My Package from TDM 5.2 in your new TDM 5.3:

  • You can simply copy the My Package.txg file from your Packages folder in 5.2 to your Packages folder in 5.3 (See Settings Menu > Options > Paths > Advanced to see the Packages folder location) Look at the image, in this case the older TDM version uses Standard Installation 2/Packages folder, the newer TDM version uses Standard Installation 3/Packages folder. When you move the My Package.txg file, overwrite the default one TDM creates.

  • Or you can change the path to Packages folder in TDM 5.3 so it uses the Packages folder of TDM 5.2. This is done by changing the Path to Packages in Settings Menu > Options > Paths > Advanced.

After you do any of the listed options, restart TDM and the macros should be visible both in Script Explorer and in Package Explorer under My Package > Macros folder.

Edit: Just some additional info:

When you install a new version of TDM, you are offered to either use an entirely new configuration, or use the configuration of currently installed or uninstalled other versions of TDM. This basically maps all of the paths in Settings to those that the older version uses.




Thanks Lukas.

I was able to locate my macro code from 5.2

I used a variation of your instruction. I located the 5.2 My Package file which is text readable. Then I cut and pasted the source code into my 5.3 install.