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Lost test cases


I had several test cases defined in the database, in the same schema that I was testing. A co-worker went to install the CodeTester client, but accidentally installed the backend as well in the same schema I was using. The next time I opened CodeTester, all my test cases were gone. I did notice that there are still packages in the database for those lost test cases (e.g. Q##…).

I was wondering if there was a way to recover the test cases from the packages in the database.

Thanks a lot,
Mitch Soden


Mitch, I am very sorry to hear this.

No, we cannot reverse engineer a test definition from the test package.

You did not do any exports of your test definitions to files?

I suggest that going forward you regularly export through Code Tester, and even do a schema export of the repository to be extra sure.



One other thing, Mitch and others: you can set preferences so that every time you generate a new test package, Code Tester will automatically create an export file.


Oh well, it was worth a try …

And yes, as soon as I saw my test cases disappear I realized I should have explored the Export feature. We’re still pretty new to CodeTester and hadn’t yet developed a source control process for our test cases. Considering the work I lost, that will be a high priority now :wink:

Thanks for the reply.



I have added an ER for 1.9 to include a startup wizard that prompts users to set preferences, most importantly for exporting with generate, and reminding people of the importance of exports for backups and source control.

We should have done this earlier…

My apologies, SF