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Main window still displays filename after editor window is closed


The main window “title bar” (?) continues to display a filename even after that file has been closed in the editor. (This issue also happened in 3.6 and 3.7.)

This is what the main window looks like when first launched:

BETA main window before file open.png

This is what it looks like when a file is open in the editor:

BETA main window with file open.png

This is what it looks like after the file has been closed in the editor:

BETA main window after file closed.png


To bigdavy:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

I was unable to reproduce this in TDP 3.7 or one of our betas.

Reproduction Attempt

  1. Install Toad Data Point
  2. Launch Toad Data Point
  3. Connect to Local Storage
  4. Push the Editor Button to open the Editor. The top title should now append the tab’s name.
  5. Close the tab. The top title should now remove the tab’s name.
  6. Right-click the toolbar -> Deselect “Use Large Icons” (to better reproduce your environment).
  7. Redo previous steps.
    Notably, I could technically reproduce your screenshot by undocking the tab from the main form and keeping it’s focus.

Feel free to post again if there is perhaps an alternative way to reproduce this issue!

Software Developer I,

  • Joshua Liong


In your step 5, using the “X” to close the tab does indeed remove the tab name from the top title. To reproduce my issue, do not use the “X” to close the tab. Instead, use one of these methods to close the tab:

A. Click on File -> Close

B. Press Ctrl + F4

C. Create a custom editor toolbar; then in the toolbar Customization -> Commands dialog, add File -> Exit to the custom toolbar; then use this Exit button in the custom toolbar to close the tab.

Good luck!