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Major problem with join


In a nutshell, this left join does not work in 5.5. Screen shot below is the
same query run in both Toad 5.5 and SSMS.

No record returned on right side of join for Toad editor.

I checked to make sure there were no spaces in the l.LoadNumber or n.LoadNum
fields, so I added a RTrim(LTrim()) around each and that did not work. I even
converted it to the same data type (varchar(20)) with no luck.

This query works fine in Toad 5.0 and 4.6



I tried to reproduce it as close to your example as possible. I suggest outer
join doesn’t work in some particular cases, not all the time. Can you send
us definitions of those tables (with all the indexes if they have any) for us to
experiment with them?