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Make Help a standalone EXE/instance


I’m not sure if I can express this correctly, but I’ll try my best.

I’m walking through the tutorial (finally) so I have that Help window open on one monitor (gotta love dual monitors!) and QCTO in the other. I noticed that I clicking on the Help window (to scroll) makes the QCTO window unavailable.

This only happens when I open a dialog box window in QCTO (such as in the Test Builder, the custom input values window), then click on the Help Window, then try to get back to QCTO.

I’m thinking it’s because Help is a child window of QCTO and it won’t allow access to both at once? If that’s what’s going on, could I suggest making Help a separate (non-child) window?





I have also seen this issue and it has been reported to development in CR 43831.