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Max Virtual Users in Benchmark Factory Trial Edition


I am trying to use the trail version of BF which let me use up to 100 Virtual users for 30 Days. It even written on the settings menu. But when I try to run it, BF doesn't allow me to exceed 50 users. May I know what am i doing wrong. I hope the screenshots below can convey some more information.

It fails when 10,60 is selected as workload but it is all okay for 10,20,30,40,50 workload.


When creating this Job did you have any other running jobs? The 100 virtual user license if that you can simulate 100 VUs at a time, not per job.

No, There were no jobs running at that time. I have tried restarting the application and also on different machines but the same problem.

I understand that 100 V users at a time, but the application is not allowing me to exceed 50.

Here is a screenshot of the status menu before I try running the benchmark.


What version of BMF are you running?


I have not been able to reproduce the problem yet. It would be best for you to contact support and log a case. They will be able to setup a WebEx with you where you will be able to demonstrate the issue which will greatly shorten time to fix.

Hi Kevin, I tried a small experiment and I think there is a small bug in the software in the trial version. I ran a TPC-C test with 1,4,8,10,and 70 users and you can see in the screenshot that the test is running at workload 70 and I get the tpsC finally but the error message still remains. It was confusing and I was stopping the test, but this time I let it run and it ran completely.

The message should not be displayed when you edit the running job. I see why that is confusing. If you edit a different job then the one that is currently running then you will and should get the error message since you can’t run the job. A change request has been entered to prevent the display of the message when editing a running job.