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Max Virtual Users TPC-E


We just purchased a commercial version of Benchmark Factory. In trying to create a TPC-E configuration, we are unable to change to userload to > 100. It seems like this is the maximum for the commercial version. Are additional users available through more licensing costs?


You can buy more virtual users to increase the number past 100, which is the base for the commercial version. Contact sales and they can sell you additional virtual users packs to increase the maximum number of virtual users available to do TPC-E, or any and all, testing. Sales will give you another license key which you will need to input into the virtual users tab of the licensing dialog.

Virtual User Key.jpeg


How long does it take for Dell Sales team to get back ?? We have have filled up the online form but yet to receive a quote. Is there someone we can contact directly?


Hello - I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything. I’ll send you a direct message and we’ll get this straightened out for you.


Thank you Kevin.

I received a mail from Dell Sales Team