Maximum Number of Automation Tasks That Can Run Simultaneously?

Hi, I was wondering if TDP has a restriction on the number of automation tasks that can run simultaneously? We have some jobs that we are starting to move into TDP. The tasks aren’t scheduled at the exact same times as each other, but have the possibility of starting while some are still running. I’ve noticed one task for example that normally starts at 9:20 pm, but for an unknown reason didnt even kick off in TDP according to the log until about 10:15 pm. Therefore, I’m wondering if TDP holds processes up until a certain number have finished or what? If so, is there any documentation showing how this is set up, plus is there ways of changing it? We fully plan to have many (probably 50 or more) daily tasks running on a server strictly through TDP so we have to be sure that it’s going to be able to handle the quantity of tasks with the possibilities of running side by side quite frequently. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated as always.

Chad King

We do not restrict the number of automation tasks that can run at one time. Do check and make sure you have the "allow multiple TDPs to run".

I am not aware of Windows scheduler having any restrictions either so I am not sure why your script was so late starting.

Debbie, I do have that checked and always been checked. I’ll continue to look at the properties of the task scheduler as well and keep a close eye on it. I’ll keep you informed with further updates or if I see anything else that pops out that might provide you more information about the issue.