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Maybe it could be optimized?



An idea:
Here is a sequence of action I do several time with developing.
a)Select all the invalid objects or stored objects with the find objects;
b) Then select all -> Compile

First I challenge you to try to do the b) actions using only the mouse (it will deselect)
Second when executing the compile SQL will make a lot of queries, refreshing the window (Saw that using the Quest sql tracker - BTW the window of that tool says “monitoring tool…”)

So the idea would be or 1) to provide a way for the user to choose not to have the refresh in that table when doing a batch operation or 2) avoid making unnecessary queries that I think are for the other session opened editors until the end of the batch process.

(if you have a thousand objects those queries are a high time spend in the action)

Thanks and regards
Filipe Silva


Hi Filipe,

These are valid requests. To sumarize, we have in Find Objects

  1. a useability problem - right click deselects objects
  2. performance problem - the list is refreshed unnecessarily while doing a batch operation

We will consider these requests after 6.3 release.