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Memory Leak or Copy/Cut + Paste Stops working


I notice that when I have the Toad Beta up and using it for several hours that I slowly use the use of Copy-n-Paste in applications.

After an hour+ the Paste action, Keyboard Ctrl-V or mouse select of paste slows down and eventually stops. This is true for other applications on machine. I can’t cut and paste between email and text editors etc etc.

If I kill Toad and wait a while the cut-n-paste functionality returns.

I have a Windows 7 64bit Dell Latitude E6420 with 16 GBytes of memory. I upgraded the memory from 8 GB to 16 GB thinking that was the problem, but the problem soon returned.

I have no idea how to tell you how to reproduce the problem. I have many browerse and applications running at the same time, and typically have 9GB of memory in use according to the task manager.



I’ve also noticed this the last few days on the last beta, but I didn’t trace the issue back to Toad. I regularly have open RDP sessions to remote servers and frequently lose the clipboard when the remote server’s rdpclip.exe process gets hung somehow. Ending that process in the remote RDP session and restarting it, or just disconnecting all RDP sessions usually solves it.

This week I’m working without RDP sessions so I’ll see if I can reproduce this on my machine.


I’ve attempted to use version 0.441 and find the Memory Leak problem is even worse in that version.

The system immediately stops being able to cut-n-paste.

It requires a reboot of my system, which causes a kernel panic, to clean up after using this version.

Also it appears that the key bindings against Management Studio still don’t work in version 441.

I’m completely giving up on this Beta as I don’t have the time to continually reboot my system to clean up its mess.

And version 6.5 of Toad has a fatal bug, in my opinion, that makes it unusable. So I’m back in Toad 6.1 world for good.



Hi Tony,

Our sincere apologies for the problems you have in the beta. We could not reproduce the memory leak yet but we will go deeper to investigate the issue. There
is a design issue with the 2-key shortcuts and it makes those 2-key shortcuts like Comment/Uncomment don’t work consistently. We have logged this issue but unfortunately we could not get a stable resolution yet. We will keep you updated on the progress of
this issue. Meanwhile, would you mind to assign other shortcuts (e.g., Control + K for comment, Control + L for uncomment etc.) to those 2-key shortcuts?

Thanks for your support,



My Dell laptop has, as I mentioned before, 16GB of memory. When I reboot the system following this behavior, the restart causes an exception and blue screen with an error called ‘MEMORY_CRASH’ or ‘MEMORY_CORRUPTION’. Naturally if I’m not running the Beta Toad all restarts are normal with no issues.

I have very heavy system memory usage, and I test simultaneously with multiple browsers and many tabs per browser. The problem usually starts when attempting to cut-n-paste to and from MS Outlook and then continues to get worse.

I can’t continue to use the Beta release as it is impacting my work significantly.



Just curious do you believe that this is a Dell system issues, a windows 7 issue of just a Toad for SQL Server issue. I understand that you may think it is a Toad SS issue, but if you don’t use Toad SS, does the problem continue considering the load you have on your system? Again just curious.


I wish I knew.

My IT department looked at it and suggested I change the Advance Setting of Page Default size, which was set at 2GByte fixed size (I have 16GBytes of RAM), to the setting of ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’. The IT department originally set the page size on all IT provided laptops; don’t ask me why.

Anyway I made that page file size change to automatic, and rebooted the system, but for the past 3 work days have not really been creating SQL procedures and writing SQL code where I need to do a lot of cut-n-paste functions. So I don’t know the result yet of this OS change.