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Memory leak


Sorry bad english.
Open PL/SQL editor. Write anonymous pl/sql procedure. Use dbms output. Switch SPOOL ON.
Run procedure 10-20-… time. Switch between editor and spool tab every time. Memory usage up ~1 GB.

Close ALL editors. Memory usage unchaged. :frowning:


Hi MaKJ,

Many thanks for sending this in. We will do more investigation and check this out for you. We will get back to you with more updates tomorrow.

Thanks and regards,


Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the issue. How big is the procedure that you were executing? Could you please send us the extracted DDL of that procedure?



Hi MaKJ,

Please let us know also how big is the text in the spool tabs…

We have tried it here with 100K lines in a few Spool tab but could not reproduce the leak you reported @ that size of leak :-(. Much appreciated if you could provide us with more info & assist us identifying the issue…



Hi MaKJ,

Could you please let us know if you still have the memory leak issues with build 1042.

May I ask if anyone else in the Community having the same issue please?

Thanks and regards,


Problem with memory leak not in spool and/or DBMS_OUTPUT.

I write simple query for example

Select * from owner.table_name;

Next execute it.
Run Task manager and monitor memory usage.
Next dbl-click mouse on table_name several times…

… and sometimes memory up +4Kb every ~5 sec. repeatly while don`t click blank space in editor window.

I think background parse sql and memory expand small pices or ???

still have the memory leak issues with build 1042 - YES


Many thanks MaKJ. Very nice catch in deed :-).

We have managed to trace the issue to the Team Coding/Version control features in Nav. The issue only occurs when the cursor on the sql tab.

We have made changes for you and will send out the next Beta build shortly.

Could you please check it out and let us know if you are happy with the fix.

Thanks again for your effort.


Memory leak continue :frowning:

if minimize SQLNav and restore - memory leak stop. But virtual memory stay up and up, when SQLNav in focus.

Second little bugs:
Open two editor window, on spool and dbms output.
Run pl/sql in first window, quickly switch second window.
Output messages will be write in second window.
Sometimes incorrect draw tab for editor window.
All tabs inactive - color and delimeter line is same for all tabs


Thanks MaKJ for the update on the memory leaks. We will check it out and get back to you later today.



Hi MakJ,

Would you mind giving us a couple of screenshots for those little bugs that you found? I could not reproduce these issues.



First picture - not selected tab and DB Explorer don`t show constraint with national chars. Other tools show constraint fine.

And attached swf file show redirect output between editor windows


for prev message swf file…

Memory leak STOP for Build 1051!

SQLNav.swf (525 KB)


Glad that the issue is fixed, MaKJ. I can reproduce the sencond issue you reported and I’ve seen the the first one once or twice but I couldn’t figure out the steps to reproduce it. Both of them will be investigated further in 6.1.