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Memory leak



I’ve “enhanced” my little script (of fame) a little bit, adding 1000 lines of dummy code.

I’ve attached it (SQLNav6_B13.sql), together with an annotated screenshot (SQLNav6_B13.png) of Process Explorer’s property view of SQLNav6 starting up, logging in, loading and running the script (creating the package in the database), loading the created package from database and then compiling/saving it a few times.

Each operation grabs about 20 MiB…


Hi Dominique,

Thank you for sending the script. We managed to reproduce the memory leak and found another problem: syntax collapsing is incorreect when using a labelled block with END label; at the end. Both problems relate to our PL/SQL parser. They will be addressed in the next release.

Thank you for your feedback,



You’re welcome.

It’s just that this kind of coding style is fairly widely used throughout our code base…


Thanks Dominique. I sent you some note to your email regarding your feedback and profile in SQLNavigator community. Could you please check it out…