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Metadata repository for data dictionary


I just wondering if this version will release a metadata repository for database data dictionary. This will be a big plus for people doing a lot of logical and physical modeling since it will avoid too much data entries of common attributes, entities and object stuff, and at the same time just do an import of the definition from the database instances. From the import definition use those attributes and expand data definition to granular level. I’ve worked a lot with metadata definition during the rolls royces day of high end CASE tools like ADW, IEW, Silverrun and others.




Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, it would be nice…
I’m pleased to inform you that we plan to work on this in the future. CR # 33 752. However, it will not be so soon (dealing with many other tasks with much higher priority at the moment).

Thanks for your co-operation and patience!


Vladka & TDM Team