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Microsoft Access and TDM



Is Microsoft Access planned to be supported in TDM V3 (as it is in the 2.25 commercial version)?



Hi Vincent,

support for MS Access will not be in the first official version of TDM 3. Please have a look at the following PDF document: (You must be logged in to see the library item).

In the PDF file you can find more information about the database coverage.

Have a nice day,


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But nothing really specific on Access. Can you elaborate regarding Access support. When can we expect it within TDM?

In fact it was fully supported in TDM 2.25 so it really surprising to drop it at the next release.




Hello Vincent,

We plan to add the databases gradually. Access database will be supported in the future too (its latest version, not e.g. Access 97). However, at the moment there are other database systems that have higher priority, I’m sorry.
All we need is time. The first Beta supported only Oracle 10g and 9i. Now you can see we support also SQL Server 2005, 2000, MySQL 5, and PostgreSQL support will be implemented soon.

We do work very hard on this and would like to ask you for patience. Thank you very much.

If you have any questions, please write me back.


Vladka & TDM Team