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Migrating from ERwin to TDM Beta


I’am testing the migration from ERwin-XML-files to TDM Beta. Unfortunately it’s not possible to migrate the ERwin-entity-‘definiton’ and -‘note’ to TDM. The TDM-entity-‘definfition’ and -‘comment’ is empty after the import-process. But this is very important for huge models which are desingned in ERwin. Does it work in a finaly TDM 3.3?



Here I’m with information on the ERwin import.

Toad Data Modeler allows you to import models created ERwin 7.1. For now, only models of Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i databases can be imported.

These Oracle model items are imported from ERwin:

  • Tables

  • Columns

  • Views

  • Synonyms

  • Procedures

  • Functions

  • Materialized Views

  • Sequences

  • Indexes

  • Relationships

  • FK, PK

  • Triggers

  • Domains

  • User Data Types

  • Defaults

  • Packages

  • Tablespaces

So, comments, notes are not imported. Regarding ‘entity definition’ you write about, could you please write us more details? Thanks!





in a (logic) ERwin-model you can write a text for ‘definition’ and ‘note’ for the entities and can write a ‘definition’ and ‘note’ for the attributes of an entity.

The corresponding informations in TDM are the ‘definition’ and ‘note’ for entities and the ‘comment’ and ‘note’ for the attributes of an entity.

So, in our large models the developers have described the models (entities and attributes) in these ERwin-fields and in a migration process I’ve to migrate these informations to TDM. Otherwise I will lost these important informations.

The models are created with ERwin 7.2.


Sorry, the corresponding informations in TDM are ‘COMMENT’ and ‘note’ for entities and attributes.


Use TDM scripting! OrigModel should be replaced with the name of your model. This script copies comments to notes, but you can alter this script to copy notes to comments, etc.

function main(){
var i,j;
var Ent;
var Attr;

// iterate through entities and check the value of ConfirmedByCustomer property    

for (i=0; i<OrigModel.Entities.Count; i++)
Ent = OrigModel.Entities.GetObject(i);
Ent.Notes = Ent.Comments;
for (j=0; j<Ent.Attributes.Count; j++)
Attr = Ent.Attributes.GetObject(j);
Attr.Notes = Attr.Comments;



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My problem is to get the ERwin-informations (notes and comments) with a reverse-engineering in TDM. To change the informations in TDM is the second step. Now, I can’t see comments and notes in TDM, because TDM doesn’t read the information from the XML-file.


Hello again,

Let me update this issue and correct my mistake.
Toad Data Modeler loads comments of tables and columns during ERwin import.
We have tested it and it works fine. (See the Entity/Attribute Properties dialog | Comments tab). Unfortunately, notes are not imported.

Nevertheless, if the comments are not loaded, the reason can be that you created the model in ERwin 7.2 (and we support only ERwin 7.1). Nevertheless, if you can, please send us the ERwin XML file (your model or a sample model created in ERwin 7.2 with some comments), we will check it out. You can send it to:



Vladka + TDM Team


Hello Kai and all,

Let me summarize the issue relating to migration of ERwin model to Toad Data Modeler 3.3.x.

  1. TDM supports only import of:
  • XML files from ERwin 7.1- physical models of Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i database.

Note: Thanks to Kai’s great co-operation we have found a bug. Let me explain.
ERwin allows you to create a model of this type - logical/physical for particular db, e.g. Oracle 10g.
TDM allows you to reverse such a model as it considers it to be a physical model of Oracle 10g db. However, in fact it is not. This is a problem of TDM and we will fix it. CR # 55 896. (Unfortunately, in v. 3.4) In any case, TDM does not allow you to reverse logical models from ERwin.

  1. These model items are loaded during the import:

Materialized Views
User Data Types

Table Comments
Column Comments
Check Constraints for tables, columns and domains

Note: Notes are not loaded. Only Comments in ERwin are loaded as Comments to TDM.

Well, I hope you find this info helpful.

Kai, thanks very much for your fantastic and fast co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team