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mind in gutter


I don’t remember if this was mentioned a while ago or not, but the Show Gutter in preferences (under Code Editors) does not work. Gutter is always displayed regardless of this setting.

Also, the gutter Width does not work. The width does not change at all.



Hi Charlie,

The only gutter bashing you have done is:

I’ll update the CR we raised for this thread, with your new comments.

  • Jaime -


While formally this is a valid observation, I see little reason to hide the gutter or change its width. Gutter now displays the folding (collapsing) outline, plus of course the icons like breakpoint, error, etc. This information is very important to the user. Making it wider has no point (line numbers are now displayed next to the gutter), making it narrower will make those icons/outline hardly visible. So, my suggestion would be to remove those preferences completely.



Excellent point(s) Roman.

We can re-evaluate the CR after the next beta build goes out…
…and Charlie has observed the new/changed functionality.

  • Jaime -


I agree. Make it permanent and removing the preferences is the way to go.