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Minimize in task bar


When SQL Nav is minimized, it would be nice to see which instance it is connected to when you look at it in the task bar. I know you can be connected to several different instances inside one SQL Nav session, but sometimes I like to open several SQL Nav programs, with each one in a different instance. Then be able to look at the task bar and switch to whatever one I want. Right now, all it will say in the task bar is SQL Navigator for Oracle. Maybe something like SQL Nav @dev ?



Yep… makes sense Charlie.
I’ll log an enhancement request, and see if we can come up with something to make it easier for you!!



Hi Charlie,

We’ve been discussing this one…
Do you want to be able to read the connection information in the button, or is it enough for you to be able to hover the buttons to read the information?
To read the connection information in the button will take more work than simply identifying it in the tooltip (see attachment).



I would prefer to have it displayed on the button, but having it in the tooltip will certainly help. It would be faster to switch from one to the other if it were displayed on the button, rather than stopping on each button and waiting on the tooltip.

I like either one. Putting it in the tooltip may be just as fast. Maybe put it in as a tooltip now, let everyone use it, and if turns out to be slow, then maybe revisit this enhancement? If it turns out to work for everyone, then you’re done.



Thanks for your thoughts Charlie. I’ll ad some notes to the CR.