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minor annoyance with SQL hisotry


I just noticed this with build 889 (I’ll try it on the latest once the link works)

Hopefully I can describe this accurately:

  1. open up an editor, click on “History” on the right pane
  2. select one of your items from the history and then hold the button down while you drag it to the left side

Note that while you’re dragging, the cursor is moving around, showing you where it will be dropping the text. Very useful I would imagine if you already had some text in the window.

In my case, the window was brand new and empty, yet because I didn’t drag it to the very upper left corner of the editor, it ended up inserting 10 blank lines so that it could insert it EXACTLY where I had dropped it.

Make sense? Perhaps this is intentional, but if my buffer is empty, I wasn’t expecting it to pad the editor with spaces to get to the point I dropped on.


Hi Dwayne,

I’ve fixed this issue for the next build.