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missing databases from sqlserver connection


I am trying to make a connection to a sql server datasource and while the connection is working fine …it des not alow me to view all the databases on the server. it only allows me to view 25 databases. is this a limitation of a trial version or a more basic limitation

SQL Server 2014 records missing

There is no limitation in the Trial version that I know of. Is this a privilege issue?

Also, are you using ODBC to connect or the native provider? (The connection type with the three red squares). We suggest you use the native provider.


Yes i selected native drivers and yes the one three red squares it only shows me 25 databases on the server, and when i look at the server in ssms using the same permissions i see 53 databases


Can you post a screenshot of both apps displaying databases. With that I can go to our SS domain expert and see what he says.


there is too much to fit on one screen shot but you will get the idea


there is too much to fit on one screen shot but you will get the idea


Thanks. I will go over this tomorrow and get back with you.



Can you please post a similar to SSMS screenshot which is a left hand side of the TDA Object Explorer with expanded Databases node after the connection is made? This will help to narrow our search.




Another question: How many databases does SSMS show in the Browse Server for Database dialog (see attachment)?