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Missing Schema Compare

In Toad 6ß I don’t find the Schema Compare Menu from Toad 5 (Tools -> Compare -> Schema Compare). Is this feature lost?

Many years ago we introduced the Object Compare feature in Toad for DB2.

Object compare was always more powerful than Schema Compare as Object Compare allows you to compare and map multiple source schemas to multiple target schemas during one comparison and compare non-schema based objects as well.

In the last several Toad DB2 releases we have enhanced Object Compare to be very robust to include the ability to map and transform object names and be able to generate a detailed comparison report.

Our v6.0 release which currently is in beta also contains many additional Object comparison enhancements.

Going forward we will continue to improve and enhance Object Compare and have it remain as the comparison feature in Toad DB2. With this, in V6.0 we have removed the simple schema compare feature.

I don’t agree this statement. Yes, you can compare more things at one time, but the result is not compareable. With Schema Compare you see the DDL for source and target DB. With this information it is very easy to decide what to do. You can also sync Target to Source. With Object Compare you don’t have this choice and don’t see the DDL differences. Also you have to select everything manual from the Schema.

I think in the current Beta it is more a migration Tool as an compare function.


In the past few releases we have enhanced our Object Compare feature to show the DDL differences as shown below:

(this screen shot was from v5.6)

Ah. this window I never saw this window. It was hiden. Sorry.