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Missing selection box in the “select object types” generating sync & conv



I come from 3.4.15 with some errors. Now I entered the BETA test program and was advised to use the new version.
I wanted to reproduce the output from my error case and entered the sync & convert task, selected “create alter script”.
I enteredMy new model as the left side and the reverse engeneered model on the right side. I went on with “Next” and came to the “select object types” window. There I clicked “Detailed settings” – and was astonished.

Where the selection box for the various properties has gone ?
I’m a newbe here, may be I have overlooked this conceptional change.

Additional info : I installed the BETA in a separate folder, not into the old 3.4.16 folder. Was that correct ?

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When you generate alter script and are on page Select Object Types, you can see some basic options to select: Compare All and Custom Settings. But when you click Detailed Settings, you can see detailed list of object types and properties. Here, you can further modify what you want/do not want to compare. If you make some changes there, click Next. If you want to get back to the default options of the tab Select Object Types, click the Simple Settings button.

This option is in Beta and was also in TDM 3.4. No change has been made there.

If I’ve misunderstood your problem, please write me back. Thanks.

Movie on alter script:

Note on additional info: Yes, commercial v. and beta can be both installed. By default, Beta has its own location/config files etc. and is installed to:
C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler - Beta 3



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Hello Vladka,

I’m feeling like a fool. Today ( after restarting my PC ) all is working fine. Yesterday I simply missed the Selection drop-down box in the detailed view. I understood the selections and checks, but I wanted to store them.
Not only the selection box was missing. The whole line has been gone, including save, load, options etc.

I’ll take an eye on this and if it reappears, I’ll write to you which action was before that.




Hello Vladka,

I will close case. If it reapperas, I’ll reopen.



O.K. Linus. Thanks.