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Model cannot load up automatically when Clicking on the Model file?



I am wondering if it is possible to open up the model automatically by double clicking the model file, just like any other file.
I have tried to do that on my computer. I am using the latest beta version and window vista.

After double clicking the file, it will load up TDM, but no model has shown up.
On the “Message Explorer” it displays “Command line parameters loaded.” and the description of that message is “Command line: " Open-File -File:Name=“C:\Users\admin\Desktop\model.txp””

I am wondering if this feature does not work on Vista?

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks



Hello Chi,

Thanks for you notification! It should work fine, however, as we’ve just found out there is a bug in current Beta. We will fix it. CR # 48 871.

Thanks again!