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Model Explorer enhancement



I’d find it really useful if the Model Explorer had “top level folders” that would give a list of entity related items, eg triggers, constraints, etc. For example a top level “Triggers” folder would list all the triggers alphabetically allowing direct access for editing.



Hello Malcolm,

I’m afraid, we’re not quite sure what exactly you mean.

At the moment, entity related items - triggers, check constraints etc. are listed under appropriate entity to which they belong. You can add new triggers… there, edit, delete. Alphabetical order of all items in Model Explorer is possible too.

Did you mean to have separate folder for all triggers, all check constraints etc. independent from entities? If so, we do not think this would be a good idea in Model Explorer, it might look messy and may be confusing. Nevertheless, if you do need to have a complete list of all triggers, all check constraints etc., what about making a dialog similar to those in Model menu | Entities/Relationships…?

In the dialog (e.g. Triggers), you will be able to sort the triggers by names, you will see details on entity to which each trigger belong…
Would this solution meet your requirement? What other information would you like to have in the dialog?
Or do you have any other suggestion?

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.



Hi Vladka,

I wanted to be able to access entity related items (eg triggers) from a list of the items. This would enable me to quickly find the item (and hence its parent) when I only knew the name of the item. Your suggestion would be fine.



Hello Malcolm,

Now I understand. Thanks.
We will consider your request. CR # 44 610.

Thank you!