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Model Report changes model



When I close a model after Model>Report I get asked to save changes.

I would not expect Model>Report to make any changes to the model.

It may be because the workspace tab has “Locked” appended during the report operation.



Hello Malcolm,

You set up some settings for the report generation in the Report Wizard (e.g. report layout, location etc.). If you like to save the settings for particular model, you have to save the model. This is the reason why the model is marked as modified.
Nevertheless, this is a planned new feature that has not been fully implemented yet. We’re working on it. CR # 47 242. Our plan is to allow users to save all the settings for the report generation within a model. - Similar behaviour as in the DDL Script Generation dialog.

Thanks for your patience.


Vladka + TDM Team



Just to say I made NO changes in the report wizard. I just used the values presented to me.

I think changes to settings should be indicated as such so that we know whether;

  1. we have made some change to the model itself before the report/generation
  2. we have changed the settings
  3. we have changed both



Hello Malcolm,

Thanks for your remarks and opinion.
I’ve asked our developers for explanation. Here it is:
-Although you don’t make a change in the Report Wizard, the settings are saved. In other words, the settings are saved in any case.

  • We do not want to add another button such as Save Settings to the wizard. There are enough of buttons and it’s not standard in report wizards either.
  • We do not want to add another pop-up message to say that changes were made in report wizard.

Well, this is the reply.

Thanks very much for your co-operation!

Vladka + TDM Team