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Modeler freezes after double klicking of the forth identifying relationship



I have open two models, my 8.0 version and an reengenered from my database.
I wanted to take a look at the identifying relationships from the database and put this information on my model. So I clicked identifying relationships in the reengenered model and opened my relationship im 8.0., put the check in and closed it. I did that three times. Three times in the reengenered, three times in my model. If I click the forth time in the reengenered model ( not counting opening the same identyfying, but a new one ), the application freezes.
I did that two times.

Can you help ?


Files over

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Hello Linus,

Thanks for the models.
Reading your description again, I’m not quite sure what steps I should take, I’m sorry.

You have both models open. Firstly, in the reversed model you edit three relationships and always change the type (from non-identifying to identifying)? or what “check you put”?
Does TDM freeze when you edit the fourth relationship?
Do you edit them via double-click a relationship on the WS, make change and confirm OK?
Do you do the same in the second model? Do you open the Sync & Convert Wizard?

I’m very sorry, I don’t know what to do to simulate the problem. Please try to explain it to me in another way.
Thanks a lot.



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Hello Vladka,

yes I had open the reengenered model from the database and my model.
i wanted to implement the identifying check-box check in my model, because I had it defined wrong and the re-engenered model showed the correct relation.

I first clicked the relation in the re-eng model, closed it, opened it in my model.
I did so three times. At the fourth click in the re-eng model, modeler freezes.

I’m not sure, but I reported also a case where I opened the fourth time an entity in my model, having the just re-eng model open same with my model.

I had this freezes the forth time. And in every case I re-eng a model from my database, had my model open also and clicked 4 times my relations or my entities.

I double clicked every time.

I did a re-eng in advance in every case.

Hope this description is clearer.




Hello Linus,

Unfortunately, I keep failing to simulate the problem - in your reversed model you sent us and in our reversed model either.

You have a model where you want to change few relationships from non-identifying to indentifying. To know which relationships to change, you are looking at your reversed model.
Note: If you are changing just the relationship type, you don’t have to open the edit dialog of the relationship in the reversed model. You can see the type on the WS - identifying = full line, non-identifying = dashed line.

You write: “At the fourth click in the re-eng model, modeler freezes.”
So, if I understand well, TDM freezes when you just open edit dialog for particular relationship to see whether it is identif. or non-ident. (you make no change in the dialog). Is this right?

What I do in your reversed model:

  1. I double-click a relationship on the WS.
  2. Select the Identifying checkbox.
  3. Confirm the change OK.
  4. I double-click another relationship on the WS and do the same.

I always select the Identifying checkbox and confirm OK.
I can do it many times in your model, the application doesn’t freeze.

Am I taking the same steps as you?
If so, please write me names of the relationships that you edit. I will try to edit exactly the same relationships and will see.

Note: If an error occurs, please send me a screenshot and Eurekalog.
Please find attached an error notification - do you encounter the same or similar error? (In any case, if there is any error, please send us the eurekalog). Thanks.

Kind regards,

Vladka + TDM Team