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Modeling question - Non exclusive sub-types


Super Type table - Forms (business forms that need filled out)
Sub Types (with data specific to that type):

  • PDF
  • Electronic
  • Paper

Now, any given form (ex-Parking Request) may have multiple sub-types. An on-line version AND a PDF version.

I can easily model this as pure sub-types, but if I do that, I would need three separate queries (or a UNION of 3 queries) to find all of the possible forms.

The sub-types feel right, but I don’t like having to do 3 queries. Any ideas?



Hello Mike,

Thanks for your question.

Please find attached two models - Inheritances.txl logical model and Inheritances.txp physical model (- the converted LER model). The models show the modeling options that are available in TDM for your case.
We don’t know details of what exactly you need, however tried to show you what is possible.

If you have any questions or don’t understand, please let us know. Thanks.


Vladka + Daril (39.9 KB)