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Modifications made in the SQL Dictionary are not saved



To avoid an error while trying to get the descriptions of the columns of a table (SELECT permission denied on column encrkeyid of object syscolumns, database xxx, owner xxx), I must adapt an SQL in “Options --> Database --> SQL Dictionary --> Db.CommonSql --> DescribeTableColumns --> Sybase 12.5.4” to not take into account the column encrkeyid.

Once the SQL is modified, I’m able to see the description of the columns of a table in Toad for Sybase (

But when I restart the application the modifications I made are no longer present and thus I get the error back.

Is it normal that the modifications made are not saved? These parts can’t be modified permanently?

Is there a file that I can manually adapt to correct the SQL which give me the errors?

Update : I found that my modification of the dictionary has been saved in the file “SqlDictionary.xml” located in “C:\Users\Utilisateur\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Sybase Beta 2.1”.

But still, the modification is not taken into account by the application after a restart.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,

Geoffrey V.


Hello Geoffrey,

Unfortunately we have had a couple of reports for the same issue. I created TSY-493 so we can investigate and fix the issue.