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Modify Date in "View details" view


We are in the process of playing with this tool to see if it fits our needs.The product so far looks like it fits the bill but no commitments yet. I have aquick question related to a feature.

Currently in “View Details” view for procedure/triggers, i see thesethree columns are avaialble

Creation Date

is it possible to customize this view and add more columns like “LastModify Date”?

So far we have found this information (Last Modify Date) very helpful for somescenarios. We are hoping that this product do support this feature.

Please do reply.


Hello Vivek,

This is not currently possible but we will look into adding this information in the next version. What product are you currently using to display this information? I did a quick check on all the Sybase products and they do not seem to provide this information either.


Thanks Michael,

We are currently using CAST SQL builder which has"Modified" & “Created” dates but they are always same. Thisis something that I never realized. Please disregard my question.

Yes, you are correct about Sybase. I am also told by DBAs that in Sybase wealways drop and re-create procedures.

Thanks for your response.


Hello Vivek,

Sounds good, please let me know if you have any other questions or issues.