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(more) Beta 6.2 various issues from Alex


Hi there,

  1. Search and mark
    If you are search for a string in the code editor the string is found, but not marked.
    This is different to other editors.

  2. Go to definition
    If you are working in a Package-Body you can go to the definition of a function or procedure
    of another package using the context menu (go to definition). The link opens the spec and not the body of the package.
    This a pity, because you always have to switch to the body by developing solutions. The spec is in most cases not interested.

  3. No change of spec-declaration by changing declaration in the body
    If you have a function or procedure the is declared in spec of a package and you change the declaration in the body,
    the Navigator loses the internal connection. The function or procedure in the body is now like a new one and the code explorer
    shows is like a function or procedure that is not declared in the spec. The declaration in the Spec runs in a compiler error,
    because it almost exists.

Best Regards


Hi guys,

  1. The string is marked when I do a search (screenshot)
  2. It may be a nice thing to have but I’m not sure if it’s technically possible. It may be easy if you have 1 functiona named ‘TEST’ and you change the paramater list. It can update the parameter list when you save. Imagine you have a few overloading functions and procedures, it will be hard to identify which one to be updated.
  3. Some customers may argue against this change. Maybe they only need to look at the declaration in the specs to know which parameters to use without worrying about the underlying codes.



No look up is seen.

Best Regards
Alex & André

Hi Gwen,
The String seems to be marked. But the marked text has no focus. For example: if you search a text and the text is marked, escape of the dialog and try to delete the (still) marked text by using the delete button. This action will fail.
For me there are the following points of that:a.) Question: How often the developer is only interested in the Spec and not in the Code? If this is by 50/50, so maybe it is a good idea to make a extra item in the context menu to let the user decide to go to the spec or to the body.
b.) If you go to the body you also have the declaration from spec.
c.) If only the spec is wanted then it would be nice to get the parameters of the used function or procedure by using the declaration in another Package. This is a feature from 5.5 that is not in 6.x anymore: See “Bug: no Parameters by using a Proc from another package”

3.What I want is the behavior of the 5.5 Navi: If you are changing the declaration of a function or procedure in 5.5 the name is still seen in the code explorer. You have to go to the entry and manually change to “Do not public in Spec”. If you change the declaration in Navi 6.x you can see that a scan of the Code is happen. After this the function or procedure is marked as not in Spec. When you are now use the context menu in the code explorer and use “Public in Spec” you have the old and the new version of the declarations and this way it comes to a compiler error.
The logic of 5.5 was easier to understand.
Bug: no Parameters by using a Proc from another packageIn Navi 5.5 by typing a package name and a dot you get the list of all functions and procedures of that package. If you choose one the declaration is inserted with all the parameters. In 6.x only the name is inserted.

Bug: Using the dot
a.) Type “Select * from [table] b” for [table] you can use any table name of the schema.Type “b.” after “Select” (you get “Select b.* from [table] b”).All works fine and the dot look up is seen.
b.) Type ”Select b.* from [table] b”Go back to “b.". Delete ".”. Type “.” after “b”.


Hi guys,

  1. Cr raised
  2. The popup for code completion only shows the name of parameters, they do not show the types. So user may still have to go into a package to find out these info. I can certainly raise an enhancement request for this but if it’s not a necessity it will likely be defered in CCB.
    3.Cr raised
    4.It works a bit different from 5.5. After you got the name of the proc/func, type ( and a list of parameters will be displayed.
  3. fixed in our internal build.


Hi Gwen,

What I mean is: go to a Name of a package member in another package body.
Use the right mouse button. Go to the menu item ”Go to Definition”. Then the spec opens up.
My argumentation is that it would be useful to jump to the body, not to the spec or let the user decide.

I do type the package name, than a dot, than I choose the unit.
Now I have to press the enter key to get the name in the editor.
Do you mean that I have to type a “(“ in 6.x to get the parameter list and to take it over into my code?
If it is supposed to work that way, it doesn’t in the current 6.2 beta.



Please refer to this thread for more information on dot-lookup issue.