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more beta5 stuff

  1. If you have a Delete statement, hightlight it then press Shift-F9, you get the following error message:
    SQL statement doesn’t return rows
  2. If you have several Delete statements separated by semi-colons, then run each one using F8, it does not show the number of rows deleted (as it did in the old SQL Editor).
  3. It you have a single Delete statement and press F9, you will see the number of rows deleted, but, if you statement has a semi-colon at the end of it, and you press F9, you will not see the number of rows deleted.
  4. If you are closing tabs by clicking the “X” in the upper right of UE, and you get to the last tab, it prompts you if you want to close the session. Can there be a Cancel button added to that dialog box? With just a Yes or No, either way it will close UE. A Cancel would be nice so you don’t have to close UE if you didn’t want to.
  5. Keyword TRUNCATE does not capitalize while typing as does other keywords.
  6. How do we get the output to Spool?


      1. All logged to the same CR (nice pick-up).
  1. Good suggestion, I’ve logged a CR. I have thought about this a few times, but never logged it. So thanks!!

  2. CR raised.

  3. There is currently a CR in the system, to ad the spool functionality as per the old editor. It is missed!!

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