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more beta5

  1. If you turn on Updateable, then run the query by hightlighting it and click Run Selection (Shift-F9), Updateable turns itself off.
  2. In the old DB Navigator, when you clicked on a Package, you could see the properties like date/time created and date/time last_ddl_time. Can we get that in the new DB Navigator?
  3. If you change the column order, the order resets to the original way every time you run the query. If the query is SELECT * FROM X, can the column order stay how we arrange it for that Tab?
  4. The Grid Size seems to reset itself after you close SQL Nav. If I drag it down to only display 7 rows, is there are way to have it be there next time I open SQL Nav?
  5. What order is the Last Query dropdown list? I would think the last query you ran would be on top. It looks like it is at the bottom.
  6. If you run a query in one session, and then right-click File/Copy to Session, then press F9, nothing happens. You have to click on or move your mouse over the query first.


  1. This is a known issue, I logged a CR for this last week (or the week before).

  2. When you have the ‘Details’ pane turned on… agreed, CR raised.

  3. If you use the ‘Refresh data’ button, rather than the ‘Execute SQL’ button, any changes you make to the layout are not altered (see attachment).

  4. Good Enhancement, CR raised for this.

  5. Your observation appear correct!! CR raised.

  6. GOOD CATCH !!! CR raised for this.

Thanks heaps Charlie…

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