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more (various) issues reported by Alex.


Hi all

Here are more issues reported by Alex.
Please apologize if some things sound a little roughly, he made it “by the way” and under the pressure of daily work(over)load.

Part 1:
• You can’t drag and drop text in the editor window from one position to another.
• If you drag a column header name into the text of an editor window the cursor keeps the former position. Because of this you must explicitly move the cursor to the end of the inserted column header to continue writing the statement. In former versions the cursor was placed to the end of the inserted text.
• All database links are placed on the same level like all category nodes. In former versions the database links have had a separate node. If there is a big number of database links the object tree is full of them and you have no chance to shrink these objects.
• In some situations all functions and procedures of a Package in the code explorer are shown as they were all in the spec. No Icon in the tree has the yellow lock.
• If you have scrolled away from the cursor position in a tab window and you go to another tab and then back, the text is displayed from the cursor position and not from the position you have scrolled to.
Sometimes the name of a tab with a saved file is “Untitled x”. If you try to save the file with the name you have given before, you get an error in the output: “Cannot create file: …”

Part 2:
In the new version of the navigator you have changed the preferences of the code editor in section “Code Completion”. In former versions there was “Code Completion” and “Automatic Dot Lookup”. Now this is one option. Concerning this I have the following points:

  1. The usage of code completion does not always make sense. Therefore it is not correct to merge these two options to one.
    If you check the option in version 6 you have the code completion (which makes no sense in every case), but you have no dot lookup (and this feature is quite more important for SQL statements).

another issue:
You have a Package in a editor window and a SQL statement in another. You change something in the package and you save it. In the other windows you start a script an after the execution of the script you make a rollback. If you switch to the window with the package you getting the message “Current database object has been modified; do you want to reload it?” But there is no reason!

Warm Regards
from André (respectively Alex)

Message was tidied up by: MisuBisu


part 1:

  • drag and drop problem has been moved to post 6.0 release.

  • issue with cursor position after dragging column header will be fixed

  • DB links will be grouped in a separate node like in DB nav tree

  • issue with Code Explorer showing proc/func incorrectly. I need more information to reproduce this bug. screenshots will help as well.

  • Scrolling problem will be fixed

  • Again with the file saving problem, I need more information. If the file has been saved, the tab title should change to the name that you put down.


  • if you have a look at the examples in the help file, both features are quite similar. In 6, however we have a preference to these features and a toolbar button for it. Regardless of what has been set for the preference, the status of the button will overwrite it. When you have it on, both functions should be available. maybe the reason it doesn’t work for you is because you have the preference on but the button is turned off.
  • Problem with reload object only happens if your object is more than 1000 lines. This issue has been fixed in build 974.