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Moving cursor in sql editor


Hi Guys,

It is very annoying how sql nav repositions the sql when you run it. It’s disorienting and confusing.

In addition, I think the undo and redo is messed up in that it seems to position you somewhat randomly.




Hi Jet,
Please provide more information on where the cursor repositions to and a scenario where the undo and redo are messed up.


Um, well any time you run a query in the editor, it pushes it to the top. At least if you have more than what you can see on the screen. Shouldn’t be very hard to duplicate.

to duplicate, get a big file with lots of sql, then make random changes throughout the file. Then do a bunch of undos and then some redos and then some undos again.

It appears when you do an undo or a redo, it doesn’t leave you where that change was made, but takes you to the next change.


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The first issue: when you run a bunch of queries, the cursor positions back to the top. It’s how we designed it to do.
The second one: Redo takes the cursor to the next change, Undo is fine. I’ll have a chat with the team but most likely it will be put down as enhancement request.



First issue, when you run ONE query it moves it to the top of the editor. This is annoying and disorienting. Please change it.

Again, if i do a REDO or an Undo, I want you to stay there. It’s non-sensical and counter-intuitive to move any place else. Personal opinion, this is a bug, not an enhancement.



Hi Jet,

As Gwen said on the first issue, this is how we designed Code Editor. Moreover, all versions of SQL Navigator behave like this and nobody ever complained about that. We can put this as a low-priority enhancement request.

Speaking of the second issue, call it a bug or enhancement, I think it’s too minor to be attended at this stage. If we try to fix all minor defects now, 6.0 will never go out, sorry. We will consider this request after 6.0.

Thanks for your feedback,


Hi Jet,
with the first issue ’ …when you run ONE query it moves it to the top of theeditor. This is annoying and disorienting…’, much appreciated if you could provide us the screen shot of your editor before & after the execution, it would assist us better understand your issues.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce,

here ya go. As you can see in the before and after, after I ran the select * from all_db_links it moves the executed statement to the top of the editor. This is definitely NOT what happens in 5.5 as I tried it this morning.

As for the redo/undo. Nav is the ONLY windows software that I know of that doesn’t leave you where you make the change. If it’s a big deal, I can see putting it off, but if it’s a small one, I really believe it should be fixed before release. My two cents.

(What, you didn’t think you were going to get my two cents? )
navscreen.doc (659 KB)


Thanks Jet for providing the doc file.

We will certainly take your 2c feedback seriously :-).

Thanks again.