MSSQL + Domains + UniqueUdentifier issue

Hi There.

In a MSSQL model, when I create a domain that is of a type “UniqueIdentifier”, and I then use that in a table, I cannot set the “Row GUID Column” flag. This is only an issue with 5.3. In the older 4.3 it worked fine.

Please fix, this is a very important thing that we must do in a large model we are working on for a new project. The work around is to change the fields from using a Domain to just a standard data type, but that is not ideal.


Hello Jason,

I’ve tried it out and it is as you say. Our devs will take a look at it, so it will be probably fixed in the next version of TDM.

Thank you for your patience and for letting us know.



Hi Lukas

What is the general time-frame for the next update with this fix?

And, how to I claim my free T-Shirt? You give away swag for finding bugs right? :wink:


Hi Jason,

the next official version is planned for next year, however many fixes for known imperfections as well as various improvements will appear in beta releases.

Re T-shirt: it depends on product communities. Currently there is no active Reward Program for Toad Data Modeler community.

Thank you,


Next year, as in “early” next year? Will it be a 5.x release (5.4), or the next version: 6.0?

I was joking about the shirt… mostly. :wink:



The next release will be published in April (certainly not April 1st) and it should be version 5.x, not version 6.0.