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Mult DBs on Mult Servers

I’m load testing an app that spans several servers with several DBs on each server.

So far it looks like i can only define a single DB on a single server for a benchmark.

How can i run a single benchmark across different servers?

If you are using the industry standard benchmarks, you can do this using the ODBC tests. You can have multiple agents and set the ODBC DSN on each agent to point to a different database. As long as the DSN name is identical on each agent, Benchmark Factory can test across all of the databases. On caveat is that you will need to make sure that the test objects are created before you run the test and then make sure you don’t try and create them when you run the test.

Thanks for the reply…

so 2 Qs…

  1. Why is it only available for the industry benchmarks? that won’t do me any good as i’m testing a specific app.

  2. How can i change the odbc for an individual agent? I just looked at the options for an agent and there wasn’t an odbc option in there.

There is not a way to currently capture and replay from multiple databases. We can capture data from a clustered database and playback against a clustered database but we are not able to capture/replay from/to individual nodes.

You don’t need to change the profile on each agent - it will be the same for all agents. You just modify the ODBC data source in Windows to point to the individual nodes. For example, Agent 1 has a profile that references an ODBC data source named TestDB. The ODBC configurarion for TestDB points to dbnode1. On Agent 2, there is a profile that references TestDB as well however the TestDB configuration points to dbnode2.